“Jake is experienced and highly qualified but comes without pretentiousness or ego. He helped me think about my approach to paid advertising and inbound marketing and left me with actionable experiments to take it to the next level.”
Abhay Khurana, CMO @ Feathr
“Amazing guy! The session was very valuable. If you’re planning to drive traffic from scratch to millions. Jake is the guy for such kinds of advice.”
Aazar Ali Shad, Head of Growth @ UserPilot
“An amazing call! I needed some help on monetization strategies for my project. Jake soon came with a great plan, examples, and tools to do it properly. He also showed me lots of examples of why I needed to do it that way. The best thing, he encouraged me to increase my prices ;)”
Rich Clominson, Co-founder @ Failory
"Jake is a very insightful mentor who gave me actionable information and he is a very knowledgeable mentor. I would recommend him to anyone looking to move their early-stage startup forward."
Corey Hubbard, CEO & Founder @ DreamHighr
"My session with Jake was an incredible one. He took time to understand my business, and gave advice and ideas of things that I can focus on that will help my company grow while in the early stages. His advice is actionable, and that matters a lot to me. His experience and skills in marketing/growth are very apparent when he's talking about ways to grow your business online. I really appreciated this session, and I know I will be booking more. 10/10!”
Tyrel Johnson, CEO & Founder @ ShotCrew
"Jake gave great and concrete ideas on how to improve our funnel and improve conversion rates. Can't wait to implement and test them out!"
Tauras Sinkus, Co-founder @ 21 Day Hero
"Awesome insights on SEO. Super helpful advice. Jake was very patient and took the time to explain a great SEO strategy for our website. Thank you so much, Jake!"
Juan Domínguez, Co-Founder @ FounderBase.io
"Jake is amazing! He gave me great advice, straight to the point and actionable. If you have problems to scale the user acquisition or just need a fresh perspective, you should most definitely schedule a session. Thanks again, Jake."
Katerina Bojkov, Co-Founder @ EmbedSocial
"Jake's got an incredible working experience in virtually all the most popular PPC channels yet is still super chilled about it. He truly just wants to help. We went over the Facebook and Adwords strategy for GrowthMentor and through talking to him I realized that I had a high-performing campaign I had totally forgot about a year ago that I could clone and use as a base. Oops!"
Foti Panagiotakopoulos, CEO & Founder @ GrowthMentor
"The biggest gains from mentor calls come from actionable advice to a specific scenario, and Jake is definitely no stranger home runs on those points. I came into this call looking to 1) validate an approach to building out a software marketing interface 2) identify how to build out a list of initial users. Jake provided very insightful advice on both. He provided a thorough overview of the pros and cons of various interfaces I was considering which can save me a lot of time, and additionally, he provided really great suggestions for how to effectively build out that initial list with some tips that will certainly increase conversions. Highly, highly recommend!"
Edgar, CEO & Founder
"Jake was very helpful and came up with some very good ideas on how to move things forward for https://negative-reviews.com! Really worth speaking to!"
Stefano Chiodino, CEO & Founder @ NegativeReviews
"A good mentor can assess where you are at and just provide enough to get you to the next level without overwhelm. This is exactly what I needed when I reached out to Jake. With his knowledge of PPC and marketing strategy could have easily left me in overwhelm but instead he gave me the few key nuggets that I can immediately take action on, test some things, and review my strategy based on the initial results. He helped provide me a framework for how to ease my way into the PPC space. I feel I've just scratched the surface. I highly recommend working with him."
Oz Merchant, CEO & Founder @ Wellistic
"Jake was great - Really insightful session on how to optimize my website for SEO, and how to measure what's going on and what needs to get better"
Alexandru Novac, CEO & Founder @ Jersey BNB
"Working with Jake has been a fantastic experience because of his commitment and involvement. Jake has a profile that combines technical skills with marketing experience, making communication easy at every stage of the project. We recommend 100% working with Jake."
Pablo Rodríguez, CEO & Founder @ Domesting
"Jake was super. I can say he is a valuable resource and very open about his experience and the things he's tried. Thanks Jake!"
Larissa, Marketing Manager @ Marketgoo
"Super call — Jake quickly identified 5-7 actionable points in each channel we were focusing on for new client acquisition. He also offered some important high-level insights on our messaging that we had evidently missed. I can recommend Jake for any education surrounding paid-acquisition — we'll be using him again."
Michael Pirone, Co-Founder & Director @ Vidico
"Jake helped me see new ways in which to grow B2B SaaS company. Clearly he's a super experienced guy and it was great to have a mentoring session with him."
Jan Kuzel, Head of Growth @ SatisMeter
"Jake helped me get more clarity about my target customers and customer acquisition. He patiently replied with in-depth answers to all of my questions. Truly a fantastic conversation. Thank you, Jake!"
Angelo Sorbello, Founder of Astrogrowth